It’s Puppy Awareness Week

All this week has been Puppy Awareness Week here in the UK. And to celebrate there has been loads of things going on, the most important is the new guidelines the Pet Advertising Advisory Group has set in place for puppy and dog advertising online.

The new guidelines include:

No pet is to advertised for a swap

No pregnant pet sales

Websites can ban vendors on a three strikes you’re out policy

And the way to find these bad vendors?

Keywords, when an advert is posted the website will look for key words such as banned and remove the post automatically.

Vendors will also not be able to set puppies underage.

This is a huge step forwarding in tackling puppy mills, however there is more that can be done. But since I am a glass half full kinda gal I want to continue the positive vibe with this story. Finally, people are taking the steps needed to ensure pet welfare is top priority when selling. Fingers crossed for the future.


We now have Instagram! I’m still figuring out how to work it because I don’t have the proper app due to my phone. But please follow us and we will update as much as we can. Find us here.


I have finally found my camera charger. Recently, I have been taking all my pictures on my phone because I couldn’t find me camera charger, which was super annoying. But it has been found! Yay, better and more pictures for all! Yippeeeee.


This is part of the This’n’That Thursday Blog Hop, where you have a little bit of this and a little big of that, but not much in the way of a proper post.



6 thoughts on “It’s Puppy Awareness Week

  1. Hi Winston – what a fun week – Puppy Awareness…but I think if you HAVE a puppy, you can’t help but be aware – they are in your face pretty much 24/7 🙂

    • Hello there Slim Doggy, welcome to my humble-a-blog. You’re right. That’s why the mother will not be getting another one for a long time. I cannot be bothered with the hassle!!

  2. I don’t know if I’ll ever have another puppy. We rescued our pair when they were three years old and it was SO nice not to have to housebreak them. Or train them. But your rules are most excellent!

  3. Thanks so much for participating in TNT!

    So glad you found your camera charger. I can only imagine how annoying it was when it was missing. Of course some cell phones take very nice pictures.

    I had Instagram for a short time when I first got my phone, but I did not like it. Now everyone has it. I might have to reconsider…lol.

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