The Boxer is a dog bred originally in Germany from the now exstinct Bullbeiser (a Mastiff dog) and bulldogs brought from Britain. The Bullenbeiser was bred to seize and hold prey until the hunters arrived. However, a smaller faster dig was bred in Brabant, Belgium, which became the Brabant Boxer. This lead to the first Boxer club being launched, the Deutscher Boxer Club.

The Boxer was used as a messenger and guard dog during World War II. At the end of the war returning soldiers brought the Boxer back with them, thus, introducing them to Britain.


The Boxer is an intelligent, happy and energetic dog who is quick to learn. They are good for competition obedience and are very loving and affectionate although they do need to be taught not to jump up on people. They are very boisterous and if they are not trained from an early age can be very dominant and hard to control.  The Boxer is named for their tendency to paw things in a cat-like manner.

Health Issues

Some major concerns are cardiomyopathy and other heart problems, sub-aortic stenosis and thyroid. Can be prone to skin and other allergies. Sometimes prone to epilepsy. From age eight on they are more likely to get tumors than other breeds. Prone to cancer. Boxers are highly prone to mast cell tumors. Prone to arthritis, hip dysplasia, back and knee issues. These dogs may drool and snore. May have excessive flatulence, especially when fed something other than their own dog food. Some white Boxers are prone to deafness.

Boxer’s from Around the World

Lucy the White Boxer Dog

Lucy the White Boxer Dog

House of Hagg - 3 Dog Blog

House of Hagg – 3 Dog Blog

2 Dogs & A Jeep

2 Dogs & A Jeep



Iwoa Dog Blog

Iwoa Dog Blog

Boxer Rescue

(Click the pictures to be taken to their website)


Draw Poster

Boxer Rescue Northern England

Boxer Welfare Scotland

Boxer Welfare Scotland


Second Chance Boxer

Second Chance Boxer


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