Rough Collie

Rough Collie HadleyThe Rough Collie was made famous by the TV series which started in 1954 starring Jon Provost about a Collie called Lassie and her relationship with owner Timmy. It touched the hearts of many and was adapted into a film in 2005. But the Rough Collie has been around for hundreds of years, helping sheep farmers in the Scottish Highlands.

When Queen Victoria got her own ‘Lassie dog’ they became somewhat of a fashion accessory. Since then they have catapulted into popularity as show dogs and loyal pets.


The Rough Collie is known for it’s gentle nature and calm placid attitude. This makes them very loyal companions and excellent pets for dog lovers in any situation. They do well in small apartments with regular exercise because of their tendency to lounge around and just enjoy your company. Although, just like any breed they can be boisterous and energetic in some cases.


The Rough Collie comes in three colour variations: merle, sable and white and tri-colour. Each as beautiful as the other.


Generally healthy dogs. Some lines are prone to PRA, eye defects (Collie eye syndrome) and hip problems leading to acute lameness and arthritis. Collies may need sunblock on their nose as they are often sensitive to the sun. Some herding dogs carry a MDR1 gene which makes them sensitive to certain drugs that are otherwise okay to give another dog, but if tested positive for this gene can kill them. –

Lassies From All Over



Kyle AKA Lord of the Manor, is like a dog you have never seen before. Perhaps the most relaxed dog you will ever meet, usually found chilling on the sofa being cuddled and petted- he is certainly a pampered pooch. Although whilst he is relaxed and enjoys sleeping he also has bundles and bundles of energy and enjoys going to the beach to chase after a ball for a good hour or so, having said this not a fan of the water so you have to be prepared to paddle when your out with him. A dog with a great nature he enjoys the company of all ages, the most gentle yet clumsy dog you will ever meet with more toys than any dog i know. Most likely to be found wherever cuddles are being offered.



At the start of this year I adopted Finn from the Cardonald Cat and Dog Home. It was love at first sight. Behind his straggly appearance I saw a poor animal desperate from some much needed love and affection. It didn’t take long for Finn to settle into the family, his chilled attitude and friendly nature makes him a perfect pet in my eyes. He’s also quite the diva now and has claimed his spot on my grandfather chair where he enjoys lairing at passers-by through the window. If I could go back and change his name I would definitely call him prince, it’s my nick name for him, he enjoys the luxurious life now he’s out of the pound and would let me scratch behind his ears for hours only to ditch me whenever he is ready. I’d like to say that we know each other’s boundaries but yet again that is another one way street, I leave Finn to sleep and enjoy some alone time at the window however he is not shy when licking my face at 6 am on a hungover Sunday morning. Finn and I both enjoy a run round the park and lots of treats while chilling watching Keeping up with the Kardashians, I’d like to think that Khloe is our favourite. Being a fluffy fellow he loves rolling around in the muck getting his coat tangled for me to spend hours picking weeds out his mane. As mentioned he loves a cuddle and a scratch, just as long as it is on his terms. Finn dislikes sneezing and goes crazy when he hears one! Like many dogs he hates laminate flooring, much to my amusement when he forgets how to get of the Island of “the rug”. Eight months ago I would have described a completely different character to the one I have wrote about today. The dog I adopted in January was beaten up and broken and the transformation is unrecognizable. He is loyal to his family, charming to strangers but most importantly he is happy and loved by many.

Rough Collie Rescue UK 

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Rough Collie Rescue USA & Canada

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Rough Collie Community

Do you know of a Rough Collie blog? Facebook page? Twitter Page? Tumblr or any social media site actually? Leave a link in the comments below. We’ll check them out and feature them here.


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