Winston’s Words – I am so excited!

Hey there efurryone.

So this week The Mother has taken time of work, a whole week of it. And she has promised me that we will do loads of cool things together, take loads of pretty pictures and share efurrything with all of you. I am so excited. Today we are just chillin’ so we are full of beans tomorrow to start our crazy adventures!

On Wednesday (if the weather keeps being good) we are going to Loch Lomond with The Mother’s friends Colby and her grumpy dog Taz – he doesn’t really play with me – and Siobhan. I am so excited! I don’t know what I’m doing the rest of the week but I can tell it is going to be awesome!

I am even more excited that this dog –

To keep with our crazy adventures this week join us on




Winston Words – This is how I know!


On Tuesday the Mother told you all about how I do some proper amazing stuff and it totally baffles her. But between you and me it’s pretty easy to tell whether or not the Mother is getting the hoover or my food out of the cupboard. She takes my bowl with her when she’s feeding me. As for getting a walk after she puts her uniform on, duh, it’s a uniform. It looks the same every time. She puts it on, I get a walk. Simples. And when it comes to having new toys or treats in the Mother’s shopping bag, she always tells me that she has them.

She always uses that silly baby voice she thinks I love so much. Really I just get all excited over the toys and let her think it’s because of  her. But the mystery of how I know she’s in the street before I can see her, I really am psychic.

What about my furry friends? I bet you have some psychic powers!



Winston’s Words – Me & the Pig

You all know that you guys are really important to me and because of this I wanted to introduce to you someone else in my life that is very important…

Meet The Pig


He is by far my best friend and I take him everywhere with me. Although the Mother won’t let me take him on walks – hurumph.

But Pig, I'm a better friend than her.

But Pig, I’m a better friend than her.


Come on Pig, we're leaving.

Come on Pig, we’re leaving.

Leave me and the Pig alone

Leave me and the Pig alone

Speaking of pigs. I wanted to wish Nutty from Hutch A Good Life a speedy recovery. He hasn’t been well recently and it isn’t looking any better. Maybe if we all put our paws together and think happy thoughts it will really do him some good?

Speak again soon,



The Dogs of Blogville Contest is here

And I’m in it!

A couple of weeks ago the Mother entered my first ever Black and White Sunday

picture into the Dogs of Blogville charity calender contest. Obviously you aren’t allowed to edit them so it was in colour. I am too excited about this I can hardly sit still. Sometimes I wish I had a tail so I could wag it.


Click here to vote for me and help me get that coveted cover spot and the month of August!

Thanks guys


Maybe the Mother should've entered this pic. BOL look at my face!

Maybe the Mother should’ve entered this pic. BOL look at my face!


Winston’s Words – In MY Ideal World

So I noticed that the Mother put up a post yesterday about how she wants to own a dog shop and bring two other dogs into MY house. Well, let me tell you, that is not what MY ideal world looks like.

In Winston’s World there would be just me, lots and lots of bones, chews, toys and I would get to eat whatever the mother is eating because it always smells so good. My favourite is when the Father makes pasta with sausages or meatballs. I would have that for breakfast, lunch and dinner.


What about my furry friends?



Winston’s Words – Wonderful Weekender

Hi everyone,
Winston here, for the first time ever! So Mum finally decided to let me have my say on MY blog.
This weekend has been fun. On Friday Mummy was working night shift at where ever she works and I had Daddy and Mummy’s

Me & Daddy playing Xbox

Me & Daddy playing Xbox

side of the bed all to myself. It was magical, Daddy and I played Xbox, played tag through the house, I dug at the duvet and Daddy left the back door open for me so I could run in and out as I pleased.

I don’t know why Mummy doesn’t leave me with Daddy all night more often.

When Mummy did come home though it was super early in the morning and I got such a fright. I damn near barked the house down. She took my out a quick walk, but to be honest I just wanted to get home, have my breakfast and go back to sleep. Normally, Mummy sits on her folding thing or watches TV when I sleep but this time we both snuggled up in bed and slept. It was amazing. She should have a nap with me more often.

Yesterday I had Daddy all to myself again. Well, he went away for a while with his friend who is afraid of me. I never could understand how someone could be scared of me. I mean have you seen me? I am so cute and completely harmless. Weirdo!



When Mummy came home a couple I got so excited to see her I fell off the couch. It made Mummy laugh for ages.

Speak again soon guys.


P.S I could really get used to this whole typing thing!


Winston’s Words

A few weeks ago at work I got chatting to a customer who told me she owns a media agency and, the best part, that she is a massive dog lover.

She has a beautiful Border Terrier called Zak who is actually on their website as a member of the team. She was super excited when I told her about the blog, she gave me her card and told me to let her know when the new one was up and running. So I did.

She gave me some great feedback though that made me really think – since it’s The ‘Winston’ Blog there needs to be a lot more posts from Winston.

I like the idea of having posts from the paws of my little prince, what do you think?Image