Black and White Sunday

Black and White Sunday

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Winston Words – This is how I know!


On Tuesday the Mother told you all about how I do some proper amazing stuff and it totally baffles her. But between you and me it’s pretty easy to tell whether or not the Mother is getting the hoover or my food out of the cupboard. She takes my bowl with her when she’s feeding me. As for getting a walk after she puts her uniform on, duh, it’s a uniform. It looks the same every time. She puts it on, I get a walk. Simples. And when it comes to having new toys or treats in the Mother’s shopping bag, she always tells me that she has them.

She always uses that silly baby voice she thinks I love so much. Really I just get all excited over the toys and let her think it’s because of  her. But the mystery of how I know she’s in the street before I can see her, I really am psychic.

What about my furry friends? I bet you have some psychic powers!



How does he know?

The other day I put my work uniform on to get ready for work when Winston ran to his lead and stood staring at it until I put it on and took him out a walk. Whilst out on this strangely predicted walk I began to think, how does he know that when I put my work uniform on he is going to go a walk? And that’s not all he knows!

How does Winston know…

That when the shower stops I am going to get out the shower and he can lick my legs dry?

The difference between me going to the cupboard to get the hoover and going to get his food? When I go to get the hoover he freaks out but when I go to get his food he is super excited, and this is all before I’ve even opened the door!

To wait until I have locked the front door when I come in before jumping all over me and getting super excited that I’m home?

That I have bought a new toy or chew for him before I have even put the bag down never mind opened it?

That I am driving into the street? He is always at the window waiting for me when I draw up, how does he know?

I think Winston must be a wizard or some kind of mystical creature with magical powers! How does he know all these things?

Does your dog know things or do things that makes you think, ‘how does he know’? 

Poor Pig has been neglected in the background!

Poor Pig has been neglected in the background!


It’s Puppy Awareness Week

All this week has been Puppy Awareness Week here in the UK. And to celebrate there has been loads of things going on, the most important is the new guidelines the Pet Advertising Advisory Group has set in place for puppy and dog advertising online.

The new guidelines include:

No pet is to advertised for a swap

No pregnant pet sales

Websites can ban vendors on a three strikes you’re out policy

And the way to find these bad vendors?

Keywords, when an advert is posted the website will look for key words such as banned and remove the post automatically.

Vendors will also not be able to set puppies underage.

This is a huge step forwarding in tackling puppy mills, however there is more that can be done. But since I am a glass half full kinda gal I want to continue the positive vibe with this story. Finally, people are taking the steps needed to ensure pet welfare is top priority when selling. Fingers crossed for the future.


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I have finally found my camera charger. Recently, I have been taking all my pictures on my phone because I couldn’t find me camera charger, which was super annoying. But it has been found! Yay, better and more pictures for all! Yippeeeee.


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Winston’s Words – Me & the Pig

You all know that you guys are really important to me and because of this I wanted to introduce to you someone else in my life that is very important…

Meet The Pig


He is by far my best friend and I take him everywhere with me. Although the Mother won’t let me take him on walks – hurumph.

But Pig, I'm a better friend than her.

But Pig, I’m a better friend than her.


Come on Pig, we're leaving.

Come on Pig, we’re leaving.

Leave me and the Pig alone

Leave me and the Pig alone

Speaking of pigs. I wanted to wish Nutty from Hutch A Good Life a speedy recovery. He hasn’t been well recently and it isn’t looking any better. Maybe if we all put our paws together and think happy thoughts it will really do him some good?

Speak again soon,



Feedback Friday

Welcome to TheWinstonBlog’s first ever Feedback Friday.

Feedback Friday is a feature that will run on the last Friday of every month. This is your chance to tell us what you want to see on the blog in the future and to tell us what you really liked about the month past.

This month we relaunched TheWinstonBlog with a cool video, some pictures of Winston and our Breed of the Week Feature. Within a couple of days we launched Winston’s Words, where Winston gets to have HIS say on HIS blog. We also joined the Wordless Wednesday and Black & White Sunday blog hops which were very popular – a huge thank you to all who liked, viewed and commented on any of our posts.

Overall the past month has been pretty exciting and I can’t wait for next month to see what it will bring.

Now it’s your turn. Is there anything that you want to see from TheWinstonBlog? Giveaways, meme competitions, whatever.

Leave a comment and let us know.

Laura & Winston