Writing a blog is like writing a diary

Once you miss a couple of days it’s difficult pick up where you left off.

I have the utmost respect for all the other bloggers out there. I have been blogging on and off for nearly a year now. I say on and off because my life has taken a few turns this year, and all for the best. In the past 12 months my fiance and I moved in to our first flat together, got our first dog, I started a new job, graduated from college with an HND in Media and Communication and just recently I discovered that the new job I started (which was on a fixed term temp contract) is now a permanent contract and in my personal opinion this is the start of my career.
And the next 6 months are only going to get more hectic as Jack and I are due to be married on¬†Saturday 19 April 2014. Having never really been much of a wedding person I didn’t realise how much time, money and planning went into organising a wedding. I now have a new found respect for people who choose planning nuptials as a career.

I have some great ideas and plans for thewinstonblog and I really want to see them all through, but whenever I think I can find some time to get it done I just can’t seem to find the motivation. I have been uploading some pictures on instagram and occasionally I tweet (or Winston does) but at the moment I am finding it difficult to keep up. My hours at work have been changed slightly and I do alot of overtime so I don’t have much of a routine at all just now and I think that’s why I’im having difficulty fitting the blog into my groove.
To all my blogger friends I want to say well done and hats off. Every single blog I have read has something unique and always manages to capture my interest, I really do applaud your time and effort that you put into your blogs and you always deliver interesting posts and cute pictures. Your dedication is inspiring and I can only hope to have a blog of that calibre in the future…
But that’s when it will be, in the future. I hope that all my readers old and new will understand that I will post when I can and when I feel I have something worth saying, or something I think is worth reading. But do check out our Instagram and our twitter as I am trying to post alot more on them.

I deeply appreciate all the time you have spent reading my blog and getting involved.


As you can tell, Winston is still very much living the high life. He is just loving his new stripey tee.

Thanks ūüôā


Black & White Sunday – The Bonnie Banks

Taz staring out into the Loch

Taz staring out into the Loch

A few weeks ago the writer at SimplyShaye¬†emailed me to let me know about a cool photo campaign that DogVacay are running to see what city has the most dog spirit. Now, obviously, I was quite excited at the idea of showing off Winston in the Scottish countryside and strutting his stuff as if he owns the joint. But as it turns out Dog Vacay is an American company and so it was more a U.S based campaign. Although, I have never been one to play by the rules all the time so I decided to mix it up and do a little post entitled ‘I Love My Country!’ Winston, his friend Taz, my friends Colby and Siobhan and myself all took a trip up to Loch Lomond and took alot of photos.

When I got home and started shuffling through them I wasn’t very impressed with the photos and realised I needed to step up the mark.

So I decided to let Winston tell you about the different places we love in our home county, Ayrshire.


Our Trip to Loch Lomond

i love my country

The Kay Park

We love going to the Kay Park because it is just a five minute walk from the house. A few years ago some silly boys burnt down this beautiful monument but this is how the Mother wants to remember it!

kay park

Barassie Beach

This is my favourite beach! We get out the car, The Mother lets me off the lead and BOOM… I’m off! Digging in the sand, rolling in the sad, kicking up the sand, everything in the sand!

barassie beach

Dean Castle Country Park

I am amazed by this place! They have pigs, goats, sheep, rabbits, guinea pigs, horses, donkeys and ducks. Real ones!

dean park

Eglinton Park

My favourite of everywhere I’ve ever been! The Mother brings me here almost every morning and even when it’s cold it’s brilliant. We go such long walks aswell and we still haven’t seen it all!

eggy park

Check out DogVacay and maybe you can do your own I Love My City, or Country if your not from the states?

Also join the Black and White Sunday blog hop here 

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Winston Words – This is how I know!


On Tuesday the Mother told you all about how I do some proper amazing stuff and it totally baffles her. But between you and me it’s pretty easy to tell whether or not the Mother is getting the hoover or my food out of the cupboard. She takes my bowl with her when she’s feeding me. As for getting a walk after she puts her uniform on, duh, it’s a uniform. It looks the same every time. She puts it on, I get a walk. Simples. And when it comes to having new toys or treats in the Mother’s shopping bag, she always tells me that she has them.

She always uses that silly baby voice she thinks I love so much. Really I just get all excited over the toys and let her think it’s because of ¬†her. But the mystery of how I know she’s in the street before I can see her, I really am psychic.

What about my furry friends? I bet you have some psychic powers!



It’s Puppy Awareness Week

All this week has been Puppy Awareness Week here in the UK. And to celebrate there has been loads of things going on, the most important is the new guidelines the Pet Advertising Advisory Group has set in place for puppy and dog advertising online.

The new guidelines include:

No pet is to advertised for a swap

No pregnant pet sales

Websites can ban vendors on a three strikes you’re out policy

And the way to find these bad vendors?

Keywords, when an advert is posted the website will look for key words such as banned and remove the post automatically.

Vendors will also not be able to set puppies underage.

This is a huge step forwarding in tackling puppy mills, however there is more that can be done. But since I am a glass half full kinda gal I want to continue the positive vibe with this story. Finally, people are taking the steps needed to ensure pet welfare is top priority when selling. Fingers crossed for the future.


We now have Instagram! I’m still figuring out how to work it because I don’t have the proper app due to my phone. But please follow us and we will update as much as we can. Find us here.


I have finally found my camera charger. Recently, I have been taking all my pictures on my phone because I couldn’t find me camera charger, which was super annoying. But it has been found! Yay, better and more pictures for all! Yippeeeee.


This is part of the This’n’That Thursday Blog Hop, where you have a little bit of this and a little big of that, but not much in the way of a proper post.



Roadkill: Too Close For Comfort

I drive to and from Glasgow atleast 4 days a week, the M77 is a long motorway that travels through some of Ayrshire and Renfrewshire’s finest scenery. Beautiful hills,¬†luscious¬†green moors and even some lovely little streams and burns can be seen from both the¬†passenger¬†and driver’s window. On some mornings you can see a light mist laying in the valleys and fields and it’s at times like those that feel blessed that we live so closely with nature. But sadly, living so close to nature has it’s disadvantages and one of those is roadkill.

On the M77 it’s foxes. Every week there is a new poor soul lying lifeless in the hard shoulder. At first I found myself holding back tears for each and every one, however, over time I have found myself de-sensitized¬†to it. I see them lying there and I think, ‘Another one, that’s a shame’. I feel ashamed to say that there isn’t much remorse in my tone either. I have encountered it so often that I have just come to think of it as the norm. But recently, on my drive to work, I noticed something that wasn’t ‘the norm’. There on the side of the road was rather petite black cat with a white chest. I cried. I sobbed¬†uncontrollably¬†for this poor little cat lying dead at the side of the road. The idea of someone’s pet being hit

From my Facebook  feed

From my Facebook feed

by a car and then just left completely broke my heart. It was then that I¬†realized¬†that the foxes are no different to the cat. Yes, the are wild, yes, they do not have ‘owners’ but they are still vulnerable animals who are out fending for themselves.

My sorrow for the 77 cat turned into grief when I remembered a local vet I have on Facebook posting a status about a missing cat a few weeks ago. When taking their cat to the vet the owners lost him when he escaped from the car in the car park. He was from Fenwick and got lost in Stewarton Рthe M77 is between the two, right on the edge of Fenwick. I immediately messaged the vets explaining what I saw and was told that the owners would be notified, the cat was gone the next day. I can only assume that it was the missing cat and cannot extend enough sympathy to the owners, their cat had been missing for weeks and was merely yards from territory that he would have considered home when he was stricken. My heart genuinely breaks for the cat and his owners Рand every fox I have seen since.  

I have found myself developing a phobia of hitting an animal on the road – I drive slower, I am much more visually aware of where I am and what is around me as I have become truly terrified of accidentally hitting a fox or rabbit or even hedgehog. And I know that because of these changes in driving that it can make a difference. My dad once told me a story of a night when he was at work (he drives milk tankers). He was travelling down a back road when he noticed a car had stopped on the other side and was flashing at him to do the same. On closer inspection he was one of those ‘boy racer’ types – fancy body kit, huge exhaust and some decals. My dad mimed at him ‘why are we stopped?’

Courtesy of the BBC

Courtesy of the BBC

 He pointed to the road in front of him and there was a hedgehog slowly moseying along. Dad nodded in understanding and they both sat and waited for it to pass to the other side and went on with the rest of their business. I nearly shed a tear at this too. It really restored some faith in mankind, not everyone is horrible to animals and some people even take the time to ensure a life is saved even although they look like they might not. I sincerely hope that when I am faced with an animal crossing the road that I notice it in time and am able to stop and do the same.


‚̧ Laura & Winston


The Big Debate: Buy or Adopt?

The amount of snobbery encountered from both sides of this argument is disgusting.

People who have rescued dogs look down on those who are willing to spend sometimes obscene amounts of money on their pure-bred dog. And some of the attitudes of those why have pure-bred dogs towards those with cross-breeds or rescue dogs is equally as revolting.

Why is this even a fight? There are hundreds of thousands of orphans in the world and yet people still have children, are they in the wrong? Should they revoke their ability to have their own children in order to adopt someone¬†else’s?

Personally, I think there are clear pros and cons for both adopting and buying your dog:

Buying your dog

The For Fight.

You know where your dog has come from, you can then assess roughly its temperament, any medical problems it will have, how big or small it will be and how high maintenance it will be. When you adopt a puppy or a dog you don’t always know where it has come from. Who both parents were, whether it has had health problems or¬†behavioural¬†problems in the past that no-one has either picked up on or rectified. Sometimes you don’t¬†realize¬†some of these problems till the dog is home and the reality of the situation sets in and you need to make the heart wrenching decision of whether or not you are going to take it back to the re homing centre or to struggle on.

If you buy your puppy from a reputable breeder you will have a support system that will help you every step of the way, have a person who knows a lot about your particular breed and knows how to calm them down or what makes them tick, some animal charities just don’t offer that kind of support.

Why not to buy?

If you don’t do your research then you could end up with a damaged puppy. You could have lifelong medical bills,¬†behavioural¬†problems that will never go away and you could be left with a hole in your heart if the worst happens and your dog dies too soon.


Is it for you?

Many people adopt for one very simple reason – Kindness. Now, I’m not saying people who buy their dogs are not kind!! But people who adopt a dog will feel better about themselves. They have given a homeless dog a loving kind home forever (hopefully). Plus, it is cheaper. After paying a one off adoption fee you are pretty much good to go, financially. Some animal charities offer to pay the vet fees on a dog for life if it has had problems before you adopted it.

Why might make you say no.

Again, you don’t know what you‚Äôre getting. To adopt a dog you need to have time, experience and also be prepared in case you don’t get what you expected. But at the same time you need this for any dog, you just don’t need as much.

What I say to those who say a rescue dog will give you undying love and will be loyal to you forever, so will my pure-bred French Bulldog. Winston has given me so much love and devotion and I know that he will love me forever and will be loyal, so I hate it when people say that you will get more love from a rescue dog than a pure breed, it just simply isn’t true. They are all dogs, they have the same instincts and the same habits, and they will all love their owners forever, whether they have had more than one or not!

In conclusion, I say, do what you feel is necessary for you. If you feel you would rather adopt than buy then great, but don’t judge those who do the opposite.

Let‚Äôs be honest, if all breeders vetted their prospective buyers properly, there wouldn’t be any need for as many re-homing shelters and charities as there are!