Black & White Sunday – The Bonnie Banks

Taz staring out into the Loch

Taz staring out into the Loch

A few weeks ago the writer at SimplyShaye emailed me to let me know about a cool photo campaign that DogVacay are running to see what city has the most dog spirit. Now, obviously, I was quite excited at the idea of showing off Winston in the Scottish countryside and strutting his stuff as if he owns the joint. But as it turns out Dog Vacay is an American company and so it was more a U.S based campaign. Although, I have never been one to play by the rules all the time so I decided to mix it up and do a little post entitled ‘I Love My Country!’ Winston, his friend Taz, my friends Colby and Siobhan and myself all took a trip up to Loch Lomond and took alot of photos.

When I got home and started shuffling through them I wasn’t very impressed with the photos and realised I needed to step up the mark.

So I decided to let Winston tell you about the different places we love in our home county, Ayrshire.


Our Trip to Loch Lomond

i love my country

The Kay Park

We love going to the Kay Park because it is just a five minute walk from the house. A few years ago some silly boys burnt down this beautiful monument but this is how the Mother wants to remember it!

kay park

Barassie Beach

This is my favourite beach! We get out the car, The Mother lets me off the lead and BOOM… I’m off! Digging in the sand, rolling in the sad, kicking up the sand, everything in the sand!

barassie beach

Dean Castle Country Park

I am amazed by this place! They have pigs, goats, sheep, rabbits, guinea pigs, horses, donkeys and ducks. Real ones!

dean park

Eglinton Park

My favourite of everywhere I’ve ever been! The Mother brings me here almost every morning and even when it’s cold it’s brilliant. We go such long walks aswell and we still haven’t seen it all!

eggy park

Check out DogVacay and maybe you can do your own I Love My City, or Country if your not from the states?

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Winston’s Words – I am so excited!

Hey there efurryone.

So this week The Mother has taken time of work, a whole week of it. And she has promised me that we will do loads of cool things together, take loads of pretty pictures and share efurrything with all of you. I am so excited. Today we are just chillin’ so we are full of beans tomorrow to start our crazy adventures!

On Wednesday (if the weather keeps being good) we are going to Loch Lomond with The Mother’s friends Colby and her grumpy dog Taz – he doesn’t really play with me – and Siobhan. I am so excited! I don’t know what I’m doing the rest of the week but I can tell it is going to be awesome!

I am even more excited that this dog –

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How to keep your dog SAFE!

The Facebook rumor mill has been on overdrive these past couple of weeks with stories of dog fighting rings stealing peoples dogs from their houses, cars and parks. The latest being that these dog fighting rings are marking people’s houses with stickers and paint blobs in a code that determines how many dogs are in a household and what size they are before someone comes along and steals them.

True or false? It doesn’t matter, you should always take precautions to keep your dog safe.

7 Handy Tips for Keeping Your Dog Safe

1. NEVER leave your dog tied up outside a shop.

I can completely understand why people tie their dog up outside a shop. You can walk the dog and pick up necessities like milk and bread at the same time, two birds, one stone springs to mind. However, you are leaving your dog open to theft. For the past few years it has become apparent that some people want to steal dogs and sell them on. Sad, I know but it is true. Please don’t give this kind of heartbreak the opportunity to enter your life.

2. Don’t leave your dog in the car.

There are at least two excellent reasons to live by this, theft again and overheating. In 2011 Police officer Ian Craven was charged and suspended from the force after two dogs died of heatstroke in the back of his van. Sadly, this was the second time dogs had died from heatstroke on his watch. Many owners are caught out by the weather being cool when they leave the car, but it can take just 20 minutes for a car to become a furnace and a danger to your dog.

3.If you have to leave your dog in the house alone, get a visitor.

Winston gets left in the house on his own for a few hours a few days a month. However, we have the dog walker who comes in and sees him at 12 and then my mum a couple of hours later. I always ask them to look out for strange things in the garden, driveway or just in general. If you think you’re going to be out when day turns into night invest in some timer plugs. Set them for when you think it will be dark for your TV and lamps, that way it will look like someone is in when there isn’t. This is also good to deter burglars in general!

4. Always lock your doors and use an alarm if you can.

At night, during the day, home or not home, lock your door.

5. Don’t leave your dog in the garden on their own.

Leaving your dog to roam the garden on their own, or locking them out, is an excellent way to get your dog stolen or to just lose them. Dogs are crafty, if there is a way they can escape your garden, they will. And if there’s a way out for your dog, there’s a way in for a thief.

6. Be vigilant.

At the dog park, out a walk through the streets, at the beach or even just out in the woods be vigilant. Always know where your dog is and be aware of who is around you. All it takes is for you to turn your back and your dog is gone. Whether they have ran away or been taken.

7. Microchip your dog!

This is probably the most valuable tip you could ever receive. Micro-chipping your dog is cheap and cheerful and could reunite you with your them should they disappear. I have heard wonderful stories of dog and owner being reunited after months, and in some cases, years of separation.  But remember, update your microchip when you move, change your name or your number.

I don't have to worry about dog thiefsies, my Daddy will protect me!

I don’t have to worry about dog thiefsies, my Daddy will protect me!

Dogster also provides to excellent dog safety tips here.


If you have any tips of your own, please feel free to share them


Roadkill: Too Close For Comfort

I drive to and from Glasgow atleast 4 days a week, the M77 is a long motorway that travels through some of Ayrshire and Renfrewshire’s finest scenery. Beautiful hills, luscious green moors and even some lovely little streams and burns can be seen from both the passenger and driver’s window. On some mornings you can see a light mist laying in the valleys and fields and it’s at times like those that feel blessed that we live so closely with nature. But sadly, living so close to nature has it’s disadvantages and one of those is roadkill.

On the M77 it’s foxes. Every week there is a new poor soul lying lifeless in the hard shoulder. At first I found myself holding back tears for each and every one, however, over time I have found myself de-sensitized to it. I see them lying there and I think, ‘Another one, that’s a shame’. I feel ashamed to say that there isn’t much remorse in my tone either. I have encountered it so often that I have just come to think of it as the norm. But recently, on my drive to work, I noticed something that wasn’t ‘the norm’. There on the side of the road was rather petite black cat with a white chest. I cried. I sobbed uncontrollably for this poor little cat lying dead at the side of the road. The idea of someone’s pet being hit

From my Facebook  feed

From my Facebook feed

by a car and then just left completely broke my heart. It was then that I realized that the foxes are no different to the cat. Yes, the are wild, yes, they do not have ‘owners’ but they are still vulnerable animals who are out fending for themselves.

My sorrow for the 77 cat turned into grief when I remembered a local vet I have on Facebook posting a status about a missing cat a few weeks ago. When taking their cat to the vet the owners lost him when he escaped from the car in the car park. He was from Fenwick and got lost in Stewarton – the M77 is between the two, right on the edge of Fenwick. I immediately messaged the vets explaining what I saw and was told that the owners would be notified, the cat was gone the next day. I can only assume that it was the missing cat and cannot extend enough sympathy to the owners, their cat had been missing for weeks and was merely yards from territory that he would have considered home when he was stricken. My heart genuinely breaks for the cat and his owners – and every fox I have seen since.  

I have found myself developing a phobia of hitting an animal on the road – I drive slower, I am much more visually aware of where I am and what is around me as I have become truly terrified of accidentally hitting a fox or rabbit or even hedgehog. And I know that because of these changes in driving that it can make a difference. My dad once told me a story of a night when he was at work (he drives milk tankers). He was travelling down a back road when he noticed a car had stopped on the other side and was flashing at him to do the same. On closer inspection he was one of those ‘boy racer’ types – fancy body kit, huge exhaust and some decals. My dad mimed at him ‘why are we stopped?’

Courtesy of the BBC

Courtesy of the BBC

 He pointed to the road in front of him and there was a hedgehog slowly moseying along. Dad nodded in understanding and they both sat and waited for it to pass to the other side and went on with the rest of their business. I nearly shed a tear at this too. It really restored some faith in mankind, not everyone is horrible to animals and some people even take the time to ensure a life is saved even although they look like they might not. I sincerely hope that when I am faced with an animal crossing the road that I notice it in time and am able to stop and do the same.


❤ Laura & Winston