This’n’That Thursday – Pampered pets, foxes and farewell Stitch

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I have trouble sleeping at night and when I am trying to ‘tire myself out’ I sit and read various online newspapers for weird and wonderful stories. The other night on the Daily Mail website I found an article about a man who was faced with a fox, in his bed no less.

Leon Smith felt what he thought was his cat snuggling up to his back and licking his neck. He turned around to clap it and to hug his girlfriend – who he thought was still in the bed – only to find it wasn’t his cat, or his girlfriend… it was a fox. Click to read.


For my American friends the fox is the British raccoon. Some class them as pests, others class them as cute and cuddly and others class them as dangerous wild animals. I think they look good but at the end of the day they are wild animals, which makes them unpredictable, a predator and in many cases dangerous. I tell you though I would not be very calm if I woke up to an affectionate fox in my bed. What about you, what would you do?

Channel 5 launched a programme on Monday night showcasing the worlds most pampered pets. While I personally do not agree with dyeing your dogs hair or cutting it into silly shapes I cannot help but laugh at some of the other pictures. The lizard on the chaise is my favourite! But when reading some of the comments on the article it is obvious that the animal loving public is article-2403071-1B807521000005DC-144_634x485divided into two sides; those would rather a dog be dressed up and pampered than beaten and abused and those who believe dressing your dog up is abuse on the same level. I’m with the first group. If a dog is being taken to yoga, fed good food and sleeping in a luxury pet bed next to their devoted owner they are being cared for and not abused. I would rather every dog lived that life rather than be subjected to neglect and abuse. What side are you on? (Don’t worry I won’t judge you. Much)

And finally, it is with great sadness that I inform you of the passing of one of our oldest fans (by oldest I mean longest serving), Stitch of District Dog Designs, Vancouver, Canada.

Outwith friends and family Koolimut (Stitches owner) was the first person to follow this blog and for that I thank them and send out my deepest condolences during such a sad time.

Farewell Stitch, rest in the Carmel-by-the-Sea. Our thoughts are with your family.

The Facebook Announcement
The Facebook Announcement
Stitch on our Breed of the Week
Stitch on our Breed of the Week

Roadkill: Too Close For Comfort

I drive to and from Glasgow atleast 4 days a week, the M77 is a long motorway that travels through some of Ayrshire and Renfrewshire’s finest scenery. Beautiful hills, luscious green moors and even some lovely little streams and burns can be seen from both the passenger and driver’s window. On some mornings you can see a light mist laying in the valleys and fields and it’s at times like those that feel blessed that we live so closely with nature. But sadly, living so close to nature has it’s disadvantages and one of those is roadkill.

On the M77 it’s foxes. Every week there is a new poor soul lying lifeless in the hard shoulder. At first I found myself holding back tears for each and every one, however, over time I have found myself de-sensitized to it. I see them lying there and I think, ‘Another one, that’s a shame’. I feel ashamed to say that there isn’t much remorse in my tone either. I have encountered it so often that I have just come to think of it as the norm. But recently, on my drive to work, I noticed something that wasn’t ‘the norm’. There on the side of the road was rather petite black cat with a white chest. I cried. I sobbed uncontrollably for this poor little cat lying dead at the side of the road. The idea of someone’s pet being hit

From my Facebook  feed

From my Facebook feed

by a car and then just left completely broke my heart. It was then that I realized that the foxes are no different to the cat. Yes, the are wild, yes, they do not have ‘owners’ but they are still vulnerable animals who are out fending for themselves.

My sorrow for the 77 cat turned into grief when I remembered a local vet I have on Facebook posting a status about a missing cat a few weeks ago. When taking their cat to the vet the owners lost him when he escaped from the car in the car park. He was from Fenwick and got lost in Stewarton – the M77 is between the two, right on the edge of Fenwick. I immediately messaged the vets explaining what I saw and was told that the owners would be notified, the cat was gone the next day. I can only assume that it was the missing cat and cannot extend enough sympathy to the owners, their cat had been missing for weeks and was merely yards from territory that he would have considered home when he was stricken. My heart genuinely breaks for the cat and his owners – and every fox I have seen since.  

I have found myself developing a phobia of hitting an animal on the road – I drive slower, I am much more visually aware of where I am and what is around me as I have become truly terrified of accidentally hitting a fox or rabbit or even hedgehog. And I know that because of these changes in driving that it can make a difference. My dad once told me a story of a night when he was at work (he drives milk tankers). He was travelling down a back road when he noticed a car had stopped on the other side and was flashing at him to do the same. On closer inspection he was one of those ‘boy racer’ types – fancy body kit, huge exhaust and some decals. My dad mimed at him ‘why are we stopped?’

Courtesy of the BBC

Courtesy of the BBC

 He pointed to the road in front of him and there was a hedgehog slowly moseying along. Dad nodded in understanding and they both sat and waited for it to pass to the other side and went on with the rest of their business. I nearly shed a tear at this too. It really restored some faith in mankind, not everyone is horrible to animals and some people even take the time to ensure a life is saved even although they look like they might not. I sincerely hope that when I am faced with an animal crossing the road that I notice it in time and am able to stop and do the same.


❤ Laura & Winston