Do you think this owner got tired of thinking, ‘How does he do that?’

Bandit had escaped from the kitchen so many times his owner got tired of thinking ‘how does he do that?’ and set up a camera to catch the newly dubbed ‘Houdini Dog’ in the act!


Welcome Back!

Hi everyone and welcome back to TheWinstonBlog. If you are new to the blog then welcome to the new and improved TheWinstonBlog and I hope your enjoy your stay with us. We have a fantastic new look and some cool new features that will be making regular appearances on the blog such as Breed of the Week and Feedback Friday as well as joining some great blog hops from around Blogville like Wordless Wednesday and Black & White Sunday. Winston and I are super excited about our new exciting blog and we hope you all are too.


Our new look and logo is very colourful, bright and exciting. This is because that is what I want this blog to symbolise – Fun. What’s the point in doing anything if you aren’t having fun? The new WinstonBlog is all about celebrating the fun, quirks, excitement, love and drama that having a dog as part of your family can bring.


Engagement is probably my favorite word ever! I love the idea of involving people in just about everything I do, after all how much fun can you have by yourself? So for our new blog I have came up with a few features that you, the reader can get involved in too.

Breed of the Week 

This feature celebrates a different breed every week, giving you loads of information on the breed, links to different blogs, Facebook pages, Twitters and rescue networks around the world. Also, every Monday night there will be a casting call for the following weeks breed. Send us a picture of your pooch along with a short bio (tell me all about them) and you could see your dog starred on their relevant Breed of the Week!

Feedback Friday 

On the last Friday of every month I will post up a summary of the most popular posts from the previous month. This is the time to tell me what you thought of the blog and it’s content. You can also tell me what you want to see from it in the months to come. Do you want more pictures of Winston’s Frenchie smile? Or maybe, you want me to have a giveaway? If you want it, let me know and I’ll try and do it.

Tasty Tuesday

Every now and again I will join the Blog Hop Tasty Tuesday and try out some recipes for healthy doggy meals and treats and post an instruction video and a review. If you have any recipes you want me to try, again, let me know.

The Learning Circle

Why do they call it a learning curve? Because let’s face it no matter what we are doing or where we are we never stop learning. So it’s more like a learning circle, right? Well, even if it’s not it is here. I’m still young and even although I have had dogs for years and worked with them it does not make me an expert. I will probably more often than not ask my readers for advice rather than give it. Although when I do it is obviously the best advice ever!

So have a seat, get a cuppa’ and have a look around, say hello and let me know what you think.

L'n'L Laura & Winston

L’n’L Laura & Winston