Winnie’s Furiends


Good day my wonderful bloggy-doggy friends. It’s Winston here, having my say again. Welcome to Furiend Friday, the day where mother and I put up a little profile all about my doggy friends, old and new.

Kota (Front) & Cree (back)

Kota (Front) & Cree (back)

This week I would like to introduce you to my step-brother Lakota and his father (I don’t know if this makes him my step-father) Cree. They live with my gran in their big house with an amazing long garden. I quite often visit and can spend ages running around with Kota. He’s just like me; loves playing, running around, food and hugs. Cree, however, is a different story. He is quiet, reserved, grumpy and quite anxious. He doesn’t like when Kota and I get too boisterous and he runs away upstairs onto Gran’s bed. It’s a bit… strange. I always try to lick his nose so that he knows I’m not going to hurt him but it never works, he hates that too.


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